Four documents are available in this directory.  The Quick Start Guide gives an overview of the code and its documentation.  The main documentation is Hazy, which comes in three volumes. 

Part 1 of Hazy gives a complete list of all commands that drive the code.  This part is totally up to date and completely describes the commands to drive this version.

The table Drain command is not documented in the 05.07 version of Part 1 of Hazy.  The file table_Draine.pdf documents this command and compares it with the table ism continuum.

Part 2 of Hazy goes into some of the physics of the simulation.  This is badly out of date.

Part 3 of Hazy describes how to call the program as a subroutine, defines its output, and into some other technical details.  This is moderately out of date, but its rejuvenation has a high priority.

The first part of the file name identifies it.  The numbers indicate the version in the format yymm.  You want the most recent versions of each document.   

05 June 28, original posting of all docs
06 Jan 03, posted updated versions of Parts 1 and 3 and the Quick Start Guide.
06 Feb 11, 06.02 Quick Start Guide

Good luck,
Gary Ferland