Data files

These are the data files that the code needs in order to compute a simulation.  They should be placed in their own directory and the contents of path.c (in the source directory) should be edited to tell the code where the data are located. Read the htm files included in the distribution for more information.

The numbers that appear after "data" indicate the version in the format yymm.  You want the most recent versions of each document.  New versions are deposited in this directory but old versions are not removed. 

The original version of the 05_07 data file had an old version of ism.ini.  As a result several sims in the test suite will have unexpected answers.  The correct version of ism.ini, which includes Cl, was placed in the data archive on 05 Jul 14.  It is also in the data directory.  Sorry for the mistake.

06 Feb 10, post 06_02

06 Jan 03, post 06_01_rc1

05 Jul 14 post corrected version with good ism.ini

Good luck,
Gary Ferland